Aztec Calendar Stone (limited edition)


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Aztec Calendar Stone (limited edition)

This is a beautifully detailed reproduction of the famous Aztec calendar stone. The original Aztec calendar stone was discovered in Mexico City in 1790. Four meters in diameter and with a weight of 24 tons, it is the largest Aztec sculpture ever found. Initially thought to be an intricately decorated sacrificial altar stone, it is in fact the key to the Aztec belief of the history of the world and the end of time.

This reproduction in frostproof casting stone is hand-made and hand-coloured in our workshop in the Netherlands. It is 44cm in diameter and weighs about 7kg. The stone is suitable for indoor or outdoor placement and is cast with a strong hook for secure display.

The Aztec Calendar Stone is finished using a permanent colouring technique which will not chip, crack or peel. The result is a unique blend and nuance of colour that is impossible to exactly reproduce – a true one-off.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 44 × 44 × 44 cm


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