Are the ornaments handmade?

Yes, each piece is individually cast and hand-coloured.

Do you make all the pieces yourself?

Much of what you see on the website is made by me. Other pieces, for example the Ridgetiles, are made in the UK by people who work in a similar way, and on on a similar scale to myself.

What are the ornaments made of?

Most of the ornaments are made in casting stone, although a few that are designed for indoor use are made in plaster, often using a high quality plaster such as Elfenbein.

Can the ornaments remain outdoors all year round?

Yes, all ornaments that are cast in casting stone are designed to remain outside all year round.

Are they frost proof?

All the cast stone ornaments are frost proof under normal circumstances. This is achieved by using good quality materials and allowing the concrete to cure slowly.

Will the colours fade?

Some colours will fade with time as part of the natural ageing process. You can restore the colour of a piece by first cleaning it using water and a little methylated spirit, then using a water based, transparent wood stain, or a good quality acrylic paint to achieve the finish you want.

If you have any questions that are not covered here don’t hesitate to email or phone us!