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Welcome to The Green Man Tuinverbeelding

OaknailWe design, manufacture and import sculpture, statues, water features, planters, ridgetiles, and other extraordinary and inspirational ornaments for home and garden.

Our products are made using blends of high quality casting stone and are exceptional in the durability of the casts and the weather resistant finishes.

We’d like to help you add an element of magic and mystery to your house or garden and many designs are based on mythical, supernatural, or historical figures. We hope that our statues and ornaments will inspire you to create a space where the unique and the unusual become a natural part of your experience.

Enjoy your stay on our website. Engel & Steve

September 2020

Our holiday

The Green Man Tuinverbeelding

We’ll be on holiday from Thursday 10th September until Monday the 28th of September. Orders that arrive on or after Wednesday 9th September can only be processed and delivered in the week beginning Monday 28th September. During this period the webshop will remain open for orders of course, but please take into account the longer delivery time. See you in October!

Featured Products

How to use our website:

OaknailOur products are placed in one of three categories: TuinverbeeldingThe Cotswold Collection, and the Sussex Ridgetiles. Within each of these categories are subcategories, for example The Green Man, Gargoyles, or Art Nouveau. Clicking on a subcategory shows you the full range of items within it. Click on an individual product and you’ll see more images of the piece, plus product details and a short description.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for try using a keyword in the search box, or if that doesn’t help just send us an email from the Contact page. If you have any queries, ideas or suggestions about any of our products or the website please don’t hesitate to get in touch.