From South-West Netherlands to North-West Germany.

Hello and welcome to this website. As was indicated, something has changed. We (Nic and Chris) took over the casting. Many of you already know us, for the last eight years we have been the face on festivals, till end of last year the figures where still cast in Kloetinge by Steve. Starting this year we will do the casting ourselves. It is a lot of work, way more than we anticipated, hence it took this long.

We openen de webshop weer, maar voorlopig blijft het aanbod helaas nog even beperkt totdat we alles op orde hebben en we in staat zijn de beelden in voldoende hoeveelheden te produceren.

Je kunt nog steeds contact met ons opnemen voor informatie, onze evenementenagenda en de beschikbaarheid van voorraad.

Onze excuses voor eventuele ongemak of teleurstelling.

Nic & Chris

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OaknailOur products are placed in one of three categories: TuinverbeeldingThe Cotswold Collection, and the Sussex Ridgetiles. Within each of these categories are subcategories, for example The Green Man, Gargoyles, or Art Nouveau. Clicking on a subcategory shows you the full range of items within it. Click on an individual product and you’ll see more images of the piece, plus product details and a short description.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for try using a keyword in the search box, or if that doesn’t help just send us an email from the Contact page. If you have any queries, ideas or suggestions about any of our products or the website please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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